The poor pup cried all day long and waited for his mother to wake up who died after being hit by the car


Finding food for her baby was fatal for the mother dog. When she tried to cross the road, she was hit by a car and unfortunately died instantly.

Her baby was in a very bad condition. He was very scared and did not know what was going on. He was completely alone in this vast world.

He was lying next to his mother, thinking that he would wake up soon. A man passing by them could not remain indifferent.

He even cried after witnessing that scene. He immediately called the rescue center and begged them to come to the place immediately.

When the rescuers arrived, they saw that the puppy was very confused and scared. He now had no idea what awaited him and why his mother did not wake up.

He did not want to leave his mother, but they wanted to take him to the shelter.

So they took both dogs in their car. They tried to gain the puppy’s trust, but they still did not succeed.

He cried incessantly and wanted to be only with his mother.

Rescuers properly buried the mother dog, vowing to take care of her cub. He was completely weak and dehydrated.

The staff together with the veterinarian did everything for the baby but at the beginning he refused to eat anything.

They had no choice but to give him the food that he needed to survive. At last they began to succeed.

He is making slow progress now. Of course, he still misses his mother and needs time to feel safe again. Let us all pray for him.

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