After losing her husband, the woman suffered a lot and didn’t know how to get out of loneliness, but one day she made a decision


A woman named Ira was 68 years old when she lost her husband. She was deeply depressed by her husband’s death, and her condition was deteriorating day by day. She no longer wanted to live. She was also suffering from diabetes and was taking medication for a long time. So she stopped taking the medicine and started consuming a huge amount of sweets again. But the long-awaited death did not come. The most surprising thing here was that even after those steps, her body sugar did not rise at all. So there was no other option but to just continue living ․․․

She also had children but they saw their mother only during the holidays and visited her very rarely. All her friends advised her to get married again, but she did not want to. Loneliness had already become unbearable. So the woman made a decision and published a statement stating the following: “I invite single elderly women to live with me and spend the last years of our lives together.” And imagine what the result was.

Two old women have been living in Irina’s apartment for 8 years already. There is finally joy in her house. They have a wonderful time together, talking, drinking coffee, even playing games and enjoying life. They now have a car, a wonderful summer house, and what refers to those two women they gave their apartments on rent.
Their lives are full of different interests. Every day they choose where to visit, such as a movie,concerts, theatre, etc.They enjoy relaxing in the best resorts twice a year. Their company is simply wonderful.

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