This adorable dog holds very funny protest signs,and each of them has a special message for us


This super cute creatures are always ready to make our lives even brighter and happier.

Take a look at this adorable and sweet pup’s pictures taken on the street, who caught the attention of all passers-by.

1.Stop letting humans judge dog shows!

2.Stop selling vacuums!

3.Stop blaming your farts on me!

4.Claim your dog as a dependent.

5.Stop cutting treats into smaller treats

6.More belly rubs!

7.Stop pretending to throw the ball!

8.Your dog needs a social media account.

9.Thank you, essential workers!

10.Drop more food on the floor!

11.All dogs deserve positive reinforcement.

12. All dogs are good dogs.

13.Stop taking pictures of me while I’m sleeping!

14.All dogs are emotional support dogs.

15.Be the person your dog thinks you are!

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