The stray kitten chose the police station to give birth to her babies and after that they became the first police cats in the world


The cat, appearing at the police station, could not even imagine that he would get so much love there that he would even go to work with them.

It all started after a terrible accident. Police found the cat after a car accident and found that all of its kittens had died, leaving her all alone.

They worried about the cat and wondered if it would be able to cope with thar grief. A few weeks later, the cat returned to them.

This time the cat came to the same police station to stay forever. The police welcomed the cat with love and were very happy that this time she is in a great mood. It turned out that the cat was pregnant.

The caring police officers decided to prepare a special place for her to give birth.

When that day came, the police officers helped the mother cat to make sure that everything was alright.

Everyone at the police station adored the cat and its babies.

They named the mother cat “Molang”, which means “I do not know” in Korean, because they did not know where the cat came from. They decided to take care of all of them until they grew up.

Months have passed and the kittens are still there with their mother. All the officers just adore them.

The police spend part of their time playing and taking care of them. It turned out that the mother cat had chosen a wonderful place to have her kittens.

But that was not all. After some time, the cat became an official member of the police department.

The kittens also wanted to ‘work’ there like their mother, and they also quickly became members of the Police Department.

Their help is undoubtedly significant for them,cause they encourage all the officers who work there.

The mother cat and the kittens became the first cat workers in South Korea.

Every day they wear their uniforms wandering around the police station. They do their job perfectly.

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