The dog who was diagnosed with Vitiligo has ‘conquered’ the whole world with its unique appearance


This wonderful creature is ten years old. He lives in Finland and loves to spend time with his lovely family and relax in nature.

As you can see, it has a rather unique appearance and a unique color combination.

The fact is that when the dog was diagnosed with vitiligo, its color began to change after that. But that is what made the dog a real star all over the world.

His name is Blaise, who at first was completely black. But when the dog turned nine, some whitee spots began to appear on him.

After taking him to the vet, he told his owner that his pet had vitiligo and that’s the reason of white spots.

Fortunately, everything is fine with the dog and that does not prevent the adorable dog from enjoying his life with his beloved family.

He is full of energy, loves to play games and go to new places. He especially likes to travel and drive with his father.

Dog owners have even created an account for the dog on social networks and publish all the photos of the dog there.

The first picture of a dog immediately caught everyone’s attention.

It received more than 35 thousand likes in a few hours. People from all over the world sent good wishes to the dog.

Since then, they have been actively posting pictures on the dog’s page and telling about his daily adventures.

Internet users have even given the dog nicknames, calling him “Funny Old Man”.

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