Since my mother had only one eye, I hated her and was ashamed of her, but after knowing the truth, I regret everything I did …


Since my mother had only one eye, I just hated her and was ashamed of her. She was a cook and worked at a school.

One day when she came to school to take me home, I quickly ran away from her so that my classmates would not see that she was my mother.
The next day my classmates asked me:

– Does your mother have one eye?

And when they started asking that kind of questions, I became more ashamed and hated my mother even more. When I got home that day, I said horrible things to her adding that I would be happier if she died, and I would not have to be so ashamed at school because of her.

Then when I grew up and started working, I decided to go to Singapore to continue working there. Then I got married there a few years later and already had my children.

I felt happy with my family, until one day my mother decided to visit us and came to Singapore. When my children saw her, they were very scared at first and I kicked him out of the house… She left our house without saying a word. One day my friends organized a party and I decided to go.

Then, for some reason, I wanted to visit my old house. When I met our neighbor, she told me that my mother had died, leaving me a letter. The following was written there: “Son, forgive me for everything, forgive me for scaring your children ․․․ sorry: I would love to see you at least from a distance when you come here with your family. When you were little, an accident happened to you that I did not want to tell you. You lost your eye and I gave you mine instead of yours. I was glad to see you with that eye. With great love, your mother. ”

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