They were left in the cold streets to starve, but after meeting each other they overcame everything


It is impossible to just pass by these two cute puppies indifferently, even though they had terribly cruel days.

They always hug each other after being saved. The previous owners treated the cubs very cruelly, leaving them to starve.

They spent cruel days in the streets before reaching the shelter.

They looked terribly frightened and very vulnerable.

Fortunately, the two are now surrounded by kind people.

They are already getting used to their new home overcoming the atrocities of the past with the help of good owners.

They did not lose hope in their struggle for a happy future.

They are so happy that they still have each other and help each other to overcome everything in all moments of life.

These two stray dogs found each other at the right time and became inseparable․

Those long nights in the cold streets are finally over, it’s thing of the past.

The wonderful boys already have a wonderful home and are very happy there.

We are very grateful to all the kind people who did their best for their happy future.

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