After being rescued one of the eight kittens was very weak, but due to the kind volunteer he started to recover


The good Samaritan could not pass by indifferently when he saw the kittens.

Approaching them, he began to look for their mother, but she was nowhere to be found.

He rushed them to a nearby shelter for help as they were too young.

In New Jersey, one of the volunteers who provided foster care, Jesse Thorne, took all eight cubs to her home for temporary care until she could find homes for all of them.

One of the kittens in the trash required special attention, as he was the youngest of them all, as well as feeling very weak.

The kitten was named Kelly. He was very weak and had difficulty opening his eyes.

He could not even eat on his own, so he was tube-fed for several weeks.

He also had two wounds, which also slowed down his healing.

The guardian provided him with special therapy, which helped him a lot.

His brothers and sisters were developing very fast and becoming more active day by day, while this little one was fighting for his life.

Fortunately, he was already gradually growing, which gave hope.

He also received help from his brothers throughout his recovery.

Despite all the difficult days, he finally got out of the danger he was in.

He had already gained weight, gaining about 160 grams. It was another victory for his guardian.

He had already started eating and walking on his own.

It took him a while to start playing and running like his brothers.

He has already become a healthy, active cat, who struggled and was able to overcome all difficulties with the help of his beloved caregiver.

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