Mark is the only man in the whole world who have the opportunity to swim with polar bear


It’s Mark Duman, whose love for animals simply amazes everyone.

Now it is the turn of the polar bears, who are simply magnificent creatures.

Regardless of their body weight, they can swim at a speed of about 6miles per hour.

They can do it for several days. In the same way, polar bears travel from place to place in search of food.

They have very sharp claws and big paws and it helps a lot while swimming. They catch the ice when they get there.

They can only use their front legs when swimming.

They have light-reflecting hair that makes these giants look as white as snow.

Imagine for a second you have a chance to spend a day with this huge creatures.

What feelings do you have? As for Mark, it’s just a lot of fun.

Especially when he can even swim with her and hug her warmly.

It is a remarkable fact that Mark is the only man in the world who can swim with a polar bear.

The bear,who is already 16 years old, is over 800pounds, adores his human-friend and has fun with him in the pool.

Mark has actually worked with animals for over 40 years. The man and his wife even trained the bear and after that he has starred in many films.

The first one was “Alaska”. He was only a few weeks old at that time.

The fact is that almost from the day he was born, he grew up in this family, ran and played with the other pets in the family.

Mark says he can help how to communicate safely with the bear to avoid becoming dinner for him.

Watch their adorable video below!

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