After being rescued by the kind man baby deer kept visiting his old friends almost every day


This is one of the most wonderful and inspiring stories we have ever seen.

One morning, Darius Sasnaukas witnessed the birth of two deers in his backyard, caused he lived near the forest.

However, one of the cubs had an injured leg.

Rescued Fawn Refuses to Leave the Man Who Rehabilitated Her

The man realized that if the baby was left surrounded by so many predators, he would not be able to survive.

So she decided to bring him home and take care of him. Although he had no experience, he just took her home and tried to take care of her.

At first he started from treating his injured foot. Also every 3 hours the man fed the baby and did everything to make the deer feel calm.

A few days later, a deer even licked his face, as if expressing his gratitude.

Fortunately, thanks to Darius, the baby was getting stronger and stronger day by day. He even befriended the man’s dog and cat.

When the deer was completely healthy, Darius calmly let him go into the wild, realizing that he would feel better there.

But their bond was so strong that instead the deer always returned to his kind guardian, who gave him a second life.

Even when he was reunited with his family, he did not forget his savior, that infinitely kind man who did not leave him alone in the most difficult days.

He always remained loyal to his dear friend.

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