The dog with a very unusual and unique appearance now has the most wonderful family who just adore him


Animals with unusual appearance are usually don’t receive the love they deserve, but in reality they are no different from other dogs.

Fortunately, this dog was lucky enough to be found by the most caring people.

He was saved by very kind people, not letting him stay on the streets.

The doggie was ten weeks old when kind people brought her to Humane Society,.

Baby had scars all over his face. He also had inflamed eyelids, and needed a immediate operation.

The shelter staff, no matter how much they loved the baby and knew how big his heart was, still were unsure if they could find a home for the baby.

But that changed when Christine Doblar’s family came to the shelter.

Entering the shelter, his daughters simply fell in love with the dog.

They immediately wanted to take the little one home, which was so wonderful to them.

They wanted to take him home and play with him. The dog has a really brilliant character.

To them, no dog could compare to him. Lucky is already very happy and lives in a wonderful family.

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