The boy decided to make beautiful bow ties to help homeless dogs find their homes


Animals always give us everything they can, expecting nothing in return.

They all deserve to have a happy and peaceful life.

However, there are many abandoned animals that roam the streets.

Fortunately, there are also many kind people who help those who need it.

\This kind-hearted boy is one of those who always help these innocent creatures.

His name is Darius Brown, who finds shelter for pets so that in the future each of them will have a loving family.

It was four years ago when it all started. At that time, the boy was diagnosed with motor chops.

The boy who was 8years old has since started helping homeless animals and finding a home for them.

Especially he tried to help all the pets with special needs.

According to the boy, a dog has a better chance of being adopted if he wears a nice bow tie.

The boy even set up his own charity, which he named Beaux and Paws.

Darius makes thousands of bow ties with his own hands, all to help pets.

His work soon spread and gained great prestige in the country.

He even received a letter from Barack Obama thanking him for his awesome work.

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