The kind man transformed the kayak so that he could travel on the water with his dogs


Our lovely pets have such a big place in our lives, and each of us must take proper care of them.

Fortunately, there are so many people who pay really special attention to their pets, providing them with everything they need.

David Banson is an orthopedist who, especially after retiring, often enjoyed traveling with his two great friends, retrievers.

He even had his own plane and they could visit wonderful places together and spend unforgettable time.

Dogs simply adored their owner, who cared so much about them.

During many trips together, it was clear to him that one of his dogs, Susie, loved water a lot, so the kind man built a kayak for them.

At first it looked like it was meant for only two people, but soon he redesigned it so that Susie could fit in as well.

Susie just adored water traveling. She was perfectly happy when he and his dear friend went kayaking.

A few years later, another retriever joined them. David brought another golden to their family and named it Ginger.

Since he also loved water, David transformed the kayak into three. They just had a wonderful time together with the most caring person who did everything for them.

Sadly they both passed away. David remembers with great happiness his dear friends, who lived a happy life together .

Now the man has already adopted another pups who also enjoy water adventures together.

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