After a strong storm the kind-hearted teenager rescued the three little squirrels


The family was forced to leave the city after a strong storm.

But even then, 15-year-old Bailey Villavason was able to find time and save a few small creatures.

She noticed a nest on the ground that had been destroyed by the storm.

It was a squirrel nest that had fallen from a tree. There were 3 little squirrels, but their mother was not with them.

The girl took quick steps to save them. The squirrels were huddled together to keep warm.

The kind-hearted girl took them and put them in a box, rescuing them from a severe cold.

One member of the family was a veterinarian who helped care for and feed them.

The girl has become the mother adopted by the squirrels, and they seemed to understand everything.

About 24 hours later, they had gained enough strength after eating normally and warming up.

The girl named the squirrels Alvi, Simon and Theodore.

She now applies to various organizations, but he was told that they were full of squirrels after the storm.

However, she will continue her search. At the same time she is very happy with them and is able to take care of them very well.

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