After finding each other they both started to overcome all the difficulties they had, feeling loved again


They both suffered terrible losses in their lives. But life gave them a wonderful friend to always be together in difficult times.

They united and managed to overcome the difficult days, fighting together for their bright future.

The Junior, the little kitten, was found on one of the streets of Aleppo, alone and defenseless, and the dog, named Amira, whose cubs were unfortunately stillborn.

But a kind man named Mohammad Alaa Jali reunited the two broken hearts.

This man saved them both from destruction by giving them a home where they found love and care.

This man has a shelter for animals, and rescuing the dog and seeing that she is pregnant, he decided to move her to a shelter.

Some time later the dog gave birth, but all cubs were stillborn.

Mohammad’s heart ached so much for the poor dog.

In the shelter they gave her a bear to hug.

The kitten, however, understood the poor mother’s grief better and seemed to understand how to comfort the dog.

At first the orphan approached him and kissed him.

From that moment they already understood that they had to unite and overcome everything together.

They always slept hugging each other.

Eventually they both seemed to find a loved one and were so happy.

The dog treated the cat as its own cub. Their hearts were filled with love and warmth again.

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