After being rescued, the cat refused to communicate with anyone until they brought this cat home


One day Jasmine Felder heard some noises in her yard.

It turned out that it was a cat, but since she already had a large family, she had not previously thought of adding another cat to it.

Eventually, however, she decided to bring the cat home and take care of it. They named the cat Buddy. He seemed to bring great joy home with him.

The baby felt very protected, only it did not want to play with the other cats in the house.

So Felder thought that he would be left alone and that it would be difficult for him. So something had to be done.

6 months after Buddy arrived, they found another cat in need of help, and kind people gave him roof to live on.

The cat was named Hannah, who was only 6 weeks old at the time.

They did not think that the two new cats would get along well with each other, as they were both so different ․

One is very calm and shy, the other is active and sociable, who loves to be hugged and caressed.

They even thought that these two could fight with each other, but everything happened completely differently.

The baby first wanted to be friends with another cat.

Months later they are already wonderful and inseparable friends, whose frienship everyone admires.

The previous lonely cat shares all his love and warmth with his beloved friend. They love each other so much.

The family already have a total of six cats, who became a full member of the family after being rescued.

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