After being rescued the sweet cat received appropriate treatment and has the most caring family now


One day the couple found a cat on a street in California.

While feeding the cat, they noticed that its nose was swollen and even reached the level of an ulcer.

So they rushed the cat to the vet, where they found out that the cat had a fungal disease.

So he was immediately given the necessary help. They first took the cat to Los Angeles for appropriate treatment.

The cat named Khi bravely endured all the hardships and fought for his life.

Thanks to all the staff, the cat’s condition began to improve over time.

He began to show his energetic and lively character, who constantly wanted to be hugged and caressed.

He is already on his way to recovery, but he still needs care and medication.

The wonderful cat made cat friends while being in the shelter.

Everyone just adores him here. He is always ready to receive tenderness and caresses.

No matter what he went through, he is still very kind and and with a very big heart, ready to surround everyone with love.

He is very grateful to all the kind people who rescued him and did not leave him alone.

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