After the serious operation kind veterinarian hugged the scared puppy to make him feel safe


A few minutes after the operation, the veterinarian hugged the puppy.

He gently held the little puppy in his arms to make him feel better. It was such a moving scene.

The puppy was about to have a serious operation, but fortunately he found himself in the most caring and kind hands that did everything for him.

Dennis Moses loves his job more than anything. He also adores animals.

He is always ready to help all the animals in need. The same thing happened with a little pup named Misha.

This puppy and his brother were only 5 weeks old when their owner left them in a shelter.

Misha needed to be sterilized, and at first he was quite scared.

He did not know what was happening to him when he woke up from anesthesia.

But the kindest doctor was there to calm the baby.

The caring veterinarian immediately hugged the confused puppy so that he could relax and feel safe.

He hugged her warmly and kissed her. The cameras recorded that wonderful scene and that immediately went viral all over the internet.

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