The kitty who was born prematurely was rescued by kind people and now is receiving appropriate treatment


This cat, named Badger, sadly was born prematurely with his sister in an art studio, not far from the the house of Kitten Lady.

Sadly, mother had left them, and they were left alone in this huge world.

Unfortunately, the cat’s sister died shortly after they were found.

Fortunately, Kitten Lady, also known as Hannah Shaw, appeared in the exact time who was ready to help the cat in this quite difficult situation.

It has been a month since he was rescued and he is still receiving treatment to recover fully.

The little cat had a lot of health problems that needed proper treatment.

It took some time for them to fully understand what was going on in the kitten’s small body and what they could do to cure him normally.

It was not easy, but they were all willing to help the cat.

The baby is already 4 weeks old, but his body is so underdeveloped that it seems two weeks old.

Happily he gets all the love and attention he needs.

We are all sure that the cat will overcome everything.

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