The group of volunteers rescued the kitten with a very unique appearance giving him the love he deserved


This is Pinocchio, who was only 3 months old when he was rescued.

They gave him the love and care he needed to heal.

The baby had some health problems, also being born with a very unique and unusual appearance.

It gave him a very special look. It called a congenital anomaly.

He was rescued and cared for by the Friends for Life Rescue Network.

He looked so bad when he was brought here.

Now most of all he likes to sleep in a warm bed for a very long time. He is slowly recovering.

Little Pinocchio adores his rescuers and always enjoys their boundless care and attention.

Thanks to them, he is a very happy cat and feels safe and calm there.

The cat is already so active, and flies happily everywhere. He especially likes to get new toys.

Everyone just adores him in the shelter.

The weak and sick cat has now become very active and happy.

He likes to be in the center of everyone’s attention.

He will always be grateful to his caring guardians for saving him and giving him a second chance to life.

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