The giant dog with a big heart befriended with a postwoman waiting for her every day to greet


This is Eileen’s dog, which lives with her.

A postwoman named Shawn met this wonderful dog every day on the way to work, and they became very close.

The dog waits for him every day to greet each other before going to work. When Frankie grew up, he became a very friendly dog.

His size was so large that many were afraid of him, but not Sean.

There was an inexplicable connection between them, unique and very impressive.

The dog was waiting for the woman at the same time every day. He knew when the woman goes to work and when returns.

As soon as Eileen opens the door, the dog runs out quickly to greet the postwoman.

He sits at the entrance every day, wagging his tail happily.

Meeting this kind dog made them so happy and also it gives her a break from her intense and tiring work every day.

Some time ago the woman would not be able to meet the dog for several days.

So he waited impatiently for her until she again returned to work. They made such a wonderful company, didn’t they?

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