During their visit to Mexico the couple rescued the little kitten after which they started travelling together


They were traveling when they came across a beautiful cat that needed help.

They rescued the cat while walking along the route.

They could no longer imagine their lives without this cat, Amy, so they decided to spend one more year in Mexico, continuing to work from there.

They already had two cats in the house, but that did not stop them from adopting Amy. From that day they travel together.

They even taught the cat to walk on a leash so that he could join his parents at work.

They spent many interesting and adventurous days together.

Unfortunately, one day Amy was attacked by a pack of dogs and got injured.

The couple wanted to go to the UK, but they could not leave the cat in that state.

At that time Mexico was also closed due to the epidemic.

So the family faced many problems with their work, as well as restrictions on travel from one country to another.

Soon, however, the restrictions began to diminish, and they set out on a journey together again.

The lovely family enjoys their time together with their wonderful cats.

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