After being rescued the two adorable lions can finally walk on the grass freely for the first time in their lives


It is always so sad to see animals in cages.

Especially since there are few circuses around the world where animals have to live in such poor conditions.

Fortunately, they were able to save the two lions in time and release them instead of keeping them in a cage.

Tarzan and Tanya are lions who had to live in a cage for years.

Besides, they were treated very badly. Upon learning of them, the animal protection team rushed to the rescue.

When the rescue squad arrived, they were horrified by what they saw.

The animals had changed so much after living in such harsh conditions that they had simply become unrecognizable.

They were in a very bad condition, both physically and mentally.

All of this is proof of how broken and fragile even the most powerful creatures in the animal kingdom can become.

Fortunately, their luck finally smiled them and the end of their suffering was finally approaching.

Kind people took them to the clinic for rehabilitation procedures.

After completing everything successfully, they will be returned to the South African sanctuary.

Thanks to these people, they were able to walk on the green grass for the first time, which was so exciting.

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