The sweet dog in the shelter did anything to be noticed when finally the little girl approached him


It’s so unfortunate that there are animals in the shelters who stay there for a long time and no one wants to take home.

They are all unique in their essence. Many of them are often overlooked because of their old age.

Others are overlooked because of certain injuries or illnesses, thinking that over time they may incur a lot of expenses.

Our hearts ache at the thought that they are spending their last years without a loving family.

A special dog named Susie was always neglected as people came to the shelter and adopted younger dogs.

She dreamed every day of the day when she would be adopted like other dogs. One day it was finally her turn.

She was even trying to do a trick. One day she was sitting by the window, trying to be as visible as possible.

But unfortunately no one stopped to look at her. She was already very disappointed after staying there for so long ․․․ but one day everything changed.

Susie usually watched from the window as people came to adopt a dog. One day a little girl was passing by, and she suddenly stopped and turned around.

The girl bent down to her and smiled. She held out her hand to the doggie. On the other side of the window, the dog raised its paw, trying to touch the little girl’s hand.

It was such a moving scene.

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