The soldier had to say goodbye to his beloved dog and K-9 partner with the last warmest hug


They first met while serving together in the US, Air-Force, and it was fatal for both of them.

After that day, they became inseparable friends.

He is Sergant Smith and he was his German Shepherd, with a name Bodza.

He helped save thousands of lives with his incredible abilities.

Bodza and Smith built a very strong friendship while working together.

Until2012, they always stayed together, overcoming all the difficulties of life.

Smith says he has learned a lot from his dog. First of all, patience and boundless devotion.

When it came time for the dog to retire, Smith decided to adopt him and take him home the same day.

It simply could not be otherwise. Unfortunately, after some time, the dog was diagnosed with a degenerative melopathy․

It is an incurable disease. The man took the news so terribly.

On the last day, he and nine staff members took the dog to the Ft Bliss Vet Center, located in Texas.

Tje dog was put on a blanket, and after that he died peacefully in his master’s arms. It was their last meeting ․․․

In spite of all this, he lived a happy life with her beloved master and even seemed so happy in his last minutes. He was always smiling.

His beloved master will never forget him and his boundless devotion and loyalty.

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