The police rescued the mother dog and her little cubs from the trash bin


Fortunatey, kind people found these little helpless creatures in time and helped them to survive.

A woman quickly called 911 when she heard a cry in the trash.

The mother dog needed immediate help and was found in the trash.

His babies were also with him. It was simply unbelievable to witness such a scene.

The rescue team quickly came to the rescue and rescued the mother and her little cubs.

The most incredible thing was that they were found in a bag.

The kind policeman went under the hut to save the mother with her little cubs.

They scrutinized the area, thinking that there might be other cubs that needed help. But they did not find anything.

The police continued the investigation and are looking for the culprits for that cruel incident. They also turned to the public for help.

‘Crime Stoppers’ even offers a reward of up to $3,000, while Florida Voices for Animals also offers a reward of up to $ 500 for finding information and providing reason for arrest. Such people should be properly punished for such cruelty.

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