After being rescued the 3-legged sweet kitty has recovered very quickly and now feels very well


This cat was born with 3 legs, which surprised everyone with its willpower.

He was found in the yard of a family when he was still a few days old.

Kind people decided to inform about him on social media so that they could find appropriate help for him as soon as possible.

The founder of Southon Rescue, Daniel Souton, noticed the announcement about the baby and decided to help immediately.

Daniel first thoroughly treated the wound and then provided him with food and medicine.

The cat was named Jack. He was very hungry and eagerly awaited his food.

The condition of his little trunk was getting better. He was so brave that he would not let anything stop him.

He just adored when someone approached to caress him.

He even made tremendous progress in the next three weeks, surprising his guardians.

Jack was already walking great, overcoming all obstacles in his path.

He had a very good time there with the others.

Jack is doing so well that the veterinarian told him after the consultation that he absolutely had a great chance of a happy future.

After being so weak, no one expected the cat to recover like this.

He is already very happy and enjoys playing with other kittens and having a good time.

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