The smart Chihuahua saved the life of his beloved owner and their reunion is something so special


Dogs are endowed with incredible abilities. Armstrong was in his home boat when he suddenly fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw that he could not move his hand.

When his dog, Bubu, approached him, he realized that Armstrong could not pick up his phone and suddenly closed his eyes, saying, “I need help. Kim should be called”.

The smart dog clearly understood what to do to help him. He quickly got out of the boat and ran to the harbor, where he met the head of the harbor, Kim.

He approached him and behaved very strangely. He went and lay down next to him and as if wanted to explain something.

Kim returned to the ship with Bubu, where he found out that Armstrong had had a stroke, and promptly called 911.

So thanks to the fast actions of the faithful dog, Kim’s father is well and recovering.

After being in a rehabilitation facility, Armstrong missed his little faithful friend more than anything else,who promptly decided what to do and save his beloved master’s life. The day of reunification finally approached.

He could barely contain his excitement when he saw his beloved dog.

The dog seemed confused at first to find himself in such an unfamiliar environment, but soon he recognized his father.

It was such a beautiful moment, everyone present was moved by their reunion.

It was a happy and unforgettable day for Bubu and his beloved master, full of hugs and kisses.

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