The poor dog always stays there waiting for his fisherman owner who unfortunately passed away


Jolie Mejia and her family decided to relax by the river near Peru. One day the family noticed a dog in the area.

They were once again convinced of how loyal the dogs are and that there really exists real love and loyalty in the world.

The dog looked quite clean and well cared for. It was really amazing for the family why the dog was looking at the ocean for so long.

They decided to feed the dog and wait for its owner to return.

The dog did not look abandoned, so they thought it was one of the locals’ dog and would come soon.

In fact, when it became clear why the dog was sitting and looking at the ocean for a long time, they were very upset.

The reason was that he had an owner who was a fisherman and unfortunately failed.

He remained devoted and still waited every day for his master to return.

Fortunately, the dog is not ignored here. She is fed and cared for by the residents of the community.

The dog’s name is Vaguito. The dog is mainly cared for by a woman who also lives a difficult life.

The story was so moving and sad. Infinite loyalty in dogs is incomparable․․․

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