The 65-year-old grandma refused to go to the shelter without her loyal best friends


Despite the cold weather, the homeless grandma refused to go to the shelter because she was worried about her faithful friends.

They always stayed with their grandmother and did not leave during the most difficult moments of her life.

So she also did not want to leave them alone on the cold street.

Grandmother is known to the people of Tijuana, Mexico as Chole.

Chole is 65 years old and has been living on the streets for eight years.

SHe carries all her belongings in a garbage bag and also sleeps in it.

Every day Grandma is persuaded to go to a shelter, but she refuses, as no animals are allowed there.

Stray dogs have become a real family for her. The hot bag has become a home for them.

They take care of each other as best they can. Chole did not want to leave them alone on the cold streets.

The kind people finally found a shelter for Chole, where they were allowed to live with dogs.

Unfortunately, the current shelter is in a bad condition, which costs 50 pesos a day.

Chole now dreams of a warm and safe place where she ca live and take care of her dogs and other homeless animals.

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