The wounded tigress left his 1-month-old cub with the hunter and disappeared


Ivan worked as a hunter. He had encountered many animals during his life.

Amur tigers are very rare in these parts and he knew that these animals are registered in the Red Book, so their hunting is prohibited.

He was doing his work one day when he suddenly saw a tiger in the yard, but when he went out into the yard, he did not take a gun with him, but he realized that if the tiger wanted, he could tear him to pieces in seconds. The man suddenly noticed that the tiger was bleeding.

He realized that the tiger was offended by the illegal actions of poachers who are ready to kill rare animals for profit.

The tiger looked at the hunter carefully and secretly, as if seeking help and protection from him.

Then she turned sharply and entered the taiga. After a while she appeared again, but not alone.

The most amazing thing was that she kept a tiger cub in her teeth. He was barely a month old.

She left her baby near the forester and disappeared. The tiger cub needed immediate care.

So the hunter decided to take care of him and when the cub was old enough, he would let him go home – to the wild.

The first month he fed the baby with a bottle. The tiger cub had grown up as a normal pet.

The hunter had cats and dogs on the farm, with which the tiger played. The hunter named the cub Kupid.

A year has passed since their meeting and the little tiger cub has become a big beautiful tiger. He will return to the wild soon.

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