The poor puppy was being pulled by his neck and when he was rescued he was the happiest


Animal rescue teams are doing their best to help all the animals. Here is one of them who told this story about a dog.

That day a man called them and told them about the dog. He had seen a scene he could not pass by indifferently.

The rickshaw driver was pulling his dog by the neck all over the street.

He was unbearably angry with the driver’s behavior and was simply amazed at how people could treat animals that way.

So immediate action was needed to help the poor dog.

The group hurried to help the unhappy dog. It was such a traumatic scene, that they simply will never forget.

They quickly went to the scene to save the dog from the hands of an evil man. They had to spend about $35 to buy the dog.

The dog was so thin and in a very cruel condition.

He was very hungry, and surely that man was not going to feed him.

Then they took him to the clinic to check his health condition.

Fortunately, the dog is now in safe hands and receiving proper care.

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