The hero police dog who has got 5 cuts during the case gets a very warm welcome after returning to work


Police dogs do a real selfless job. They are even capable of doing much more than humans.

For example, they are able to find the missing by smell, as they chase and find the suspects, rescuing many.

These wonderful creatures protect us at all costs, appearing in very dangerous situations.

Their loyalty simply knows no bounds. And we have been convinced of that many times.

Such a case took place recently, when a selfless police dog was injured during his police service.

Fortunately, he has already recovered and has been warmly received by his colleagues for the full fulfillment of his responsibilities.

This conscientious dog is the Kaiser. He was with his supervisor when they received a call about a burglar in London.

When they arrived at the scene, the dog caught the thief, but, unfortunately, the criminal hit him with a knife.

However, even the injured dog did not let go of the thief, being injured.

Fortunately, the cuts were not serious and the dog recovered quickly. Only two months later he returned to work.

The Kaiser was warmly welcomed and got a toy as a sign of return, which made him so happy and excited.

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