The dog who was saved from euthanasia helps his owner to take care of homeless kittens


This woman has created a real shelter for homeless kittens.

ShE treats them on her own initiative and with her own means, feeds them and cures if it’s necessary, and then looks for a new home for the newborns.

Her dog is always willing to help her master. Raylan, the kind dog, becomes a real friend to them and a caring father.

The fact is that exactly 9 years ago the dog appeared in a shelter that no one wants to take.

In other words, euthanasia was going to be the final decision for them. He had too much energy, so the visitors of the center did not want to adopt him.

He was eventually enlisted for euthanasia, but luck had prepared a wonderful surprise for him. His current owner met him and took him home.

And now the wonderful dog has raised more than 65 abandoned and orphaned kittens. He gives them the most important thing – the love and care that they did not receive from their parents like him.

The dog has taken on all the possible responsibilities of a real parent and raises them perfectly, teaching them how to behave properly.

He just adores kittens. From the first day he began to care for them perfectly.

The owner also created an Instagram page for him, where the doggie already has a lot of followers.

The woman always publishes wonderful photos and videos with pets. Everyone likes to follow them and send positive feedback.

When it comes time to hand over the puppies, the dog starts to get upset. And when new kitties finally appear in the house, he becomes the happiest in the world.

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