The dog German shepherd with a very rare illness has got the most caring owner ever


Many have heard of this dog. His name is Quasimodo.

This particular dog is one of only 15 dogs of its kind in the world, but its mother would probably insist that there is no one like her anymore.

He is the only one with so unique nature and appearance.

This baby was born with a rare condition called short back syndrome. He is a German shepherd, the only difference from the others is that he is a little shorter.

He was a stray dog ​​who was found by kind people in Kentucky. At first he was unbearably afraid of people, he did not want anyone to touch him.

But one day his life changed completely. He met the only one he could trust unconditionally. When he met a man named Rachel, he finally showed his unique personality.

He now enjoys his life running in the snow, and playing with friends. Fortunately, his difficult days were long gone and he overcame all his fears of humans and other dogs.

Secondhand Hounds is a non-profit organization that saves thousands of animals. This is where the dog gets the care and treatment it needs.

He just does some things differently than other dogs. For example, to eat without bowing. But she is now a happy and carefree baby who is loved all over the world…

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