Look at his funny reaction when daddy reminds that it’s time to take medicine


If you have a pet, you are definitely aware of this situation. Of course, it is rare for your pet to enjoy medication. But you always have to find a way to do it. This dog absolutely knows that its owners love him very much,but it’s very hard for him to take his medicine.

The name of this funny dog ​​is Denver, who immediately became famous for his funny reactions on the Internet. Another of her videos was released last year in which she tried to hide in some jewelry. This time he shows his sweetness in a completely different way. He is no longer a previous puppy, so he needs to take special medications through ear drops…… but as you can see he is not a fan of them.

You should see how he reacts when his father tells him to take the medicine right now. He begins to behave like a small child who does not want to eat. It’s so much fun and charming. But he is so cute that seems to be from a fairy tale. He even tries to be a little offended by his father, but his beautiful reaction can not be ignored. In general, Denver is a pretty smart and calm dog. However, health comes first and he must eventually take the medicine for his ears: It is better to watch how he does it. It will definitely entertain you and give you a lot of positive energy.

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