The brave dog rescued his elderly best friend dog from the attacks of the huge mountain lion


An accident took place in the family of Sarah Moore and Lindsay Golden.

Their pet, Dachshund Winston and 15years old Chivini Mejo, was out for a walk when they were suddenly attacked by a lion.

The predator caught the dog, considering it his prey. But he still had no idea what awaited him.


The other dog barked loudly and immediately jumped on the fierce mountain lion, trying to save his best friend.

He bravely attacked her and was ready to do anything for hisr friend. He risked his life and fought to the end.

Their owners were simply astonished. Just a true friend who is ready to help those in need at any time.

The dogs were immediately taken to the clinic after the terrible accident. Winston was not injured at all, but unfortunately Mijo was seriously injured.

Doctors were unable to save one of his eyes, so they had to remove it. The dog also had a stroke at night.

According to the doctors, the teeth of that lion could have damaged his nerve. Now he needs long-term treatment.

Of course, it was also quite expensive treatment, so the owners asked for help from the GoFundMe platform.

To date, they have raised about $ 14,000. They will spend all these resources on the full recovery of their beloved pet.

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