The Chihuahua puppy, who befriended adorable little goats, begins to consider himself a goat too


The adorable company of this wonderful trio will simply captivate your heart. Get acquainted, this is 8-week-old Lola.

During his first days, the baby was still very shy. But a few days later, when he noticed the goats, he simply realized that they would soon become his best friends. That goats on the farm are named after Lady Bug and Princess Leah. They are now almost 2weeks old. The adorable company of these three will absolutely melt your heart.

The owners of the dog say that their other dogs living in the farm are not interested in him at all. But that does not stop him from being joyful and having fun with his goat friends. He sometimes even drinks goat’s milk. Although he still has difficulty walking in the tall grass, he still walks with the goats all day. Goats love to jump, and Lola is very curious and does not want to be left behind.

If he continues to chase after these goats, it is possible that he will soon start thinking that he is a goat too. Still, their company is so wonderful. Hurry to watch watch the wonderful video with the participation of the babies. They will simply captivate your heart with their cuteness.

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