Just imagine meeting so many eagles around you. What would you do?


Many people know that eagles are one of the most famous American symbols. However, despite that fact, seeing eagles is not a very common thing.

But there is a place where the largest army of eagles was found. This place is located in Alaska.

More than 600eagles can be seen there. It is considered as their home.

As the Dutch port of Alaska is considered to be the largest fishing spot, large numbers of eagles come here in search of food.

The point is that the waters here are very rich in seafood. When fishermen come here, they always leave food for the eagles.

This time a man decided not to miss the moment and to take shots from that scene.

He picked up a bucket full of crabs and threw them at the eagles. Birds from different directions began to gather on the deck to eat the foodr.

The ship was filled with dozens of giant eagles. It was an incredible scene.

After feeding them, the man continued to shoot them during that time.

It is so wonderful to see so many eagles gathered in one place.

The fisherman also enjoyed the scene. That’s really so amazing.

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