Adorable pup always followed people to take him home until group of kind volunteers met him


The group of volunteers decided to help as many homeless cubs as possible by starting the Dogbox Project.

Sadly, there are so many dogs in South Africa that need help. They decided to do anything to help that kind of animals survive giving them roof and food.

While the volunteers were about to do their job, one day they met a stray puppy who turned out to be very friendly.

He did not refuse the care shown to him and seemed to understand that he met the right people who would help him survie.

The volunteers were simply captivated by this wonderful dog. They named the baby Scribble.

They noticed that the dog had problems with walking. They took the dog to the veterinarian.

He said it was most likely the result of a human blow. Probably it’s because baby likes to follow people trying to find a caring home.

But there are so many cruel and cold-hearted people. Happily his leg was completely healed.

But the volunteer group hadn’t finished their work yet. They decided to make his life even more joyful.

They took him to the Expresso Morning Show, during which people got acquainted with the sweet dog’s story.

After appearing on the show, so many people just adored him and became interested in him.

One family also watched the show and just fell in love with the sweet dog.

They seemed so confident that the dog was going to become their family member.

Sweet baby now lives in a happy family and will never have to wander the cold streets and sleep in the cold rain again.

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