No one wanted to adopt this sweet dog, but happily he was found by kind-hearted rescuers


A stray dog ​​named Ramy was rescued by ”the Howl of a Dog” non-commercial team located in Romania.

He waited impatiently in the same place every day for someone to feed him.

According to those who know him, he is a very kind and smart dog that will never hurt anyone.

Team members spotted him in a rural area of ​​Romania during a sterilization campaign.

In these areas, dogs are generally kept only as field guards or as protective “tools” and not as ordinary pets.

You will not believe it, but the old and cruel “traditions” are still practiced in this place!

They burn the noses of many dogs with hot irons to boost their immunity and also treat their diseases.

They believe that it definitely helps to overcome everything.

Despite his great kindness and friendliness, no one offered to take him home, so he just stayed outside hoping to take care of himself.

Finding this kind creature, they tried to find a caring home in that area, but unfortunately no one wanted to take care of the sweet dog.

Thus, the rescuers did not lose hope and decided not to leave him in the village anyway.

Taking the dog with them, they started looking for a family for him in another place.

This beautiful dog deserves the best family that will love and take care of him.

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