This is the oldest cat in the whole world, who turned 31 recently. Take a look at his sweet birthday party


We are going to tell about the oldest cat in the world who has already turned 31. It.s equivalent of 141 human years.

His name is Nutmeg and he has already been living with the most caring family for 26 years. They just adore him and fill each other’s life with love and joy.

Here is story of the sweet cat and also the pictures of his awesome birthday.

Nutmeg is very kind and clever.

He is the boss of the house and he’s absolutely gorgeous

The family adopted the cat in 1990 as a stray who became the full member of their family

They mentioned that baby was already at least 5 years old when they took him in

To apply for the Guinness World Record, They need to show his official documents

Nutmeg is a very senior cat indeed, however, to the Finlays he is simply the best pet ever

”He comes in every morning at five am and we get up and feed him”

Last year Nutmeg suffered from a serious stroke, but thankfully, now he is alright

They just adore him so much

Someone can wonder, ”how many lives does this cat have”


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