They called him ‘Ugly’, but happily kind people did anything they could to make little baby feel happy


The little cat has a very unique appearance and from the day of birth it became clear that it was a little different from other cats.

Because of his congenital defect, he had an unusual appearance, which made people look at him strangely and treat him badly all the time. He was named Gulya.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to take the poor cat as a pet. People did not like him. He was even nicknamed “ugly”.

Of course, the shelter staff was very caring and worried about the baby’s future. So they wanted to make the unfortunate kitten happy.

From that day on, his life changed completely. Despite his appearance, the baby was very good and healthy, and was no different from other kittens.

Gulya was very friendly and tender, but no one wanted toadopt this sweet baby. They all paid attention to his unusual snout.

In spite of everything the staff decided to do everything for their beloved baby to make him feel calm and happy.

Thanks to their kindness, the kitty was completely transformed.

he is not the “ugly”cat anymore as he was once called. He looks completely different thanks to these kind people.

The animal care organization does everything to get their beloved cat accepted.

They hope to find a caring family who will do their best for this little miracle and all the sad days will be a thing of the past.

How happy we are that there are so many kind and caring people! Great respect and homage to them.

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