Shortly after losing his beloved dog and best friend man died from heart attack


It’s a story about an unconditional love. Kan Penda, who was 80years old, lived in Hemet, California for a long time and always spent his time with his beloved dog.

They went for walks together every day, showing each other boundless care and warmth.

They spent the whole day together and could not even imagine their lives without each other. The dog’s name was Zack.

One day it turned out taht the dog had very serious illness, so many relatives, knowing about it, came quickly to help.

Unfortunately, the man did not have enough money to take th doggie to the vet, so one of the good neighbours, named Carol Bert, decided to help them by posting a note on the Internet.

They hope that there will be many good people and that Ken will find enough help for his dear friend.

So Elaine Siemens, the founder of a rescue organization called AtChoo Foundation, noticed the post offering to take the dog to a vet clinic, where it was found that her beloved dog was going to die…

Unfortunately, the adorable dog passed away, leaving his beloved friend in unspeakable pain and sorrow.

It was very difficult for him to bear that pain.Sadly, he died of a heart attack shortly after Zack died. It is so painful.

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