The little girl who was born without her legs found the best friend ever, puppy with a missing pow


One of the 11 cubs was born without a front paw,whome they named Dan.
The breeder, of course, offered to euthanize the cub so that it would not tarnish the reputation of their kennel.

Fortunately, the owner of the dog, Karen Raddle, refused to take that horrible step. Instead, the family decided to look for a loving and caring family for the baby.

They thought that if they found a special child or a wounded soldier, the dog would be perfect for living with such owners. So they began to search.

In those days the woman learned the story of a three-year-old girl who was born without legs. The girl’s name is Sapphire Johnson.

The baby was still in the hospital when they decided to visit them.

Karen managed to talk to the girl’s parents, who even enthusiastically accepted the idea and decided to combine these two miracles.

The first time the girl was shown a picture of this dog, the girl looked at the dog for a moment and said:

“She is like me. “She’s mine.”

When they met, an inexplicable connection was made between them.

The father was overjoyed and so excited aftre seeing them together.

Fate gave a miraculous gift to both of them. They will help each other feel more confident and overcome obstacles.

After learning the story of the dog, a good prosthetic engineer suggested making a prosthesis for the baby.

The puppy and the girl are now very happy and enjoy their life together.

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