After such a long time of separation the dog who was deaf and blind, was finally reunited with his lovely owner


This is a story about an amazing dog named Bates, and a man named Steve Crystal.

Bitsy was a very dear member of the family because he was a very friendly, devoted and very kind dog. He was accepted by the family as a full member.

In fact, the dog was blind and deaf. That’s why grandpa was worried about how the dog would live with them. But what happened next was very moving. Soon the dog and the grandfather became inseparable friends.

When the hard times of the coronavirus had just arrived and many restrictions had been imposed, the dog and the grandfather had to be separated. From that day on, the daily life of the family changed completely and very dramatically. Those were sad times.

Grandpa Steve was always curious and asked if the dog still remembered him. The easing of restrictions soon brought the grandfather closer to reuniting with his beloved dog, whom he had missed so much.

They were together every day, hugging and playing. They were inextricably linked.

And here came the most awaited moment of their lives. When the dog felt that his grandfather had come and was very close to him, he immediately jumped up and hugged him. It was such a moving moment. He showed how much he missed him.

Grandpa even thought that the dog did not remember him all this time. But dogs never forget their beloved owners. Such a touching reunion.

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