The orphan little kittens who were raised by rabbits now started to behave like them too


In the animal world, we often hear about a number of amazing stories that take place between them and are definitely worthy of proper coverage. This time we have brought another very interesting and amazing story for you, which will surprise you and remind you once again how intelligent and caring creatures animals are. They often do things that even many people are not capable of it. Love and care. This is what is in their hearts, that they are ready to give to everyone with great willingness. And especially to those in need

These little kittens, who were orphaned, were cared for by the kind rabbits. Now they think they are rabbits too.
These adorable babies love their abbit parents, who, after being raised by them for a long time, began to learn from them a lot of things and now think that they are rabbits too.

You can see here a group of rabbits and kittens enjoying the wonderful day. Then suddenly the kittens start jumping in the grass, like rabbits. Their cute jumps are incredibly natural and very similar to rabbit jumps. Even so much so that you can confuse them with the rabbits.
The jump they make is something rabbits do when they are happy, and the little babies do it too. They are so adorable.

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