After being abandoned by the previous owners the rescuers saved the lives of mom dog and her newborn babies


There are still so many dogs that are being abused by heartless people. Unfortunately, many of them are not even punished for such actions.

But it is good that there are still people on our planet with a real golden heart!

Upon hearing about the dog and his family, the Mladenovac Rescue Center immediately came to their aid.

It was clear from that scene that the poor dog and his cubs had been ruthlessly left on the street a few days ago, completely helpless and alone.

At first, the dog’s mother was afraid and refused all the food she was given. Apparently, the dog was still waiting for its owner to return and take them home.

He lay stubborn for several days, but the owner didn’t return. However, the rescuers did not give up and fought to gain the dog’s trust and take him to a shelter.

A few days later, the dog was in despair and he was very depressed. So, realizing that she and the cubs needed help, she decided to accept the rescuers’ help.

She probably began to understand everything and decided not to wait. The rescuers continued to search around, finding a total of 3 cubs, whose eyes were not yet open.

After making sure that there was nothing in the area, they moved to a shelter.

The dog was later named Molly, and she and her little puppies were safely moved to the center of Mladenovac, where they now live in peace and love.

They are very safe and protected here. Molly and her babies will soon find a new home, of course. They are already working on adoption issues.

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