Meet the ‘Chief Mouse Catcher’, who already has a lot of funs from all over the world


The main mouse hunter. This is who we are going to tell about today. After volunteering for more than 3 years, the baby got a job at the Sturridge train station.

The cat appeared there after its previous owners could not take the cat with them when moving from the UK.

Since then, the cat has tried hard to win people’s hearts, showing that it is capable of doing its job.

For the past /3 years, he has patrolled the station and has his own badge. He is rewarded with an attractive salary, which consists of his favorite delicious meals.

The manager of the station, Simon Carter, says that the cat was noticed by 66-year-old supervisor Ian Tomlinson, while walking at the station.

He decided to take her to the box office and take care of her. They formed a very strong relationship, and George always waited for him to finish his work.

He also wanted to return the cat to its old owners when he first met him, but he learned that they prepared to leave. Since then, the station has become cat’s new home.

He even has his own bed there.  The cat is loved very much and his fans send him gifts, toys and snacks from all over the world.

Gifts are sent to him from all over the world. He is just fantastic.

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