The parrot adores his soft best friend so much, that he hugs him all day long talking and playing with him a lot of games


Parrots are very accustomed to their owners and are known for their interesting nature. They are just brilliant imitators. Their owners often teach their birds different words and phrases, and clever parrots repeat those phrases in the most fun and unexpected moments.

Tհe owner of ths his proud parrot decided to record his baby. The parrot’s name is Bow. He has a toy that he just adores and constantly plays with it like a little child.

Despite the fact that “one parrot” lives with them at home, Bowie just comes out of his cage, moves through the window sill and collides with his favorite soft toy. He is more interested in his fluffy friend than the other parrot.

He adores his green friend, hugging him all day long. He seems to be talking to the toy every time he approaches her. His devotion to his favorite toy is boundless.

They have become inseparable friends. After talking to him, the parrot starts playing different games with it. He lowers his little head, saying: “Peekabooo”: This video will surely bring a smile to your face. They are so cute and funny.

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